Renske Erin van Geffen

Researching proactive employees, teaching Human Resource Management, contributing to the HR-community.

For HR professionals

Research Projects

I do my research in real organizations, with actual employees facing everyday issues. That means that I need employees and managers to participate in my studies. Sometime I am approached by professionals, often HR personnel, who want to participate in a project because they want to know which factors contribute to proactivity in their organization. Other times, I am approached by professionals who have a specific question they want answered about their own organization. In that case I try to see if we can design a new project that answers the questions and contributes to the advancement of research on proactive behavior. Feel free to contact me with questions concerning research project.

Research Reports

Based on the findings from my research, I have written reports aimed at practitioners in which I try to translate scientific results into recommendations for practice. For example: after conducting research on proactivity in teams i have written a research summary that can aid managers in reflecting on the processes of their teams. Feel free to contact me when you would like to receive reports like these.

Dutch Research Summary
English Research Summary

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Some practitioners have asked me to present some of my findings at their location. For example as part of an inhouse training day for their staff. Want to get your employees up to date on the latest news from research on proactivity at work? Feel free to contact me. I can't promise I can keep myself from convincing them to participate in my research...

Very Short Example Presentation