Renske Erin van Geffen

Researching proactive employees, teaching Human Resource Management, contributing to the HR-community.



My teaching experience started at Tilburg University, where I was a presenter and workshop trainer for high school programmes. In those programmes, groups of students would visit the university and spend the afternoon learning about what it would be like to study a a social faculty, or how to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a university. The latter I enjoyed the most, as I would spend a couple of hours getting to know these students and helping them find our what their interests, strengths and values were.

Human Resource Management

At the Business School, I am currently teaching a course on Human Resource Management to part-time premaster Business Study students.The aim of this course is to teach these students the basics of employee management, from some psychological and sociological views on work to the basic HR practices present in organizations.

Thesis Supervision

As part of my teaching at the Amsterdam Business School, I supervise both Bachelor and Master students who are writing their thesis. The projects I do with them revolve around quantitative data-analysis and usually focus on proactive employees.